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Security Assessments and Audits

Data Security: Getting Your Team on Board 

Data Security: Getting Your Team on Board 

Data security is everyone’s responsibility in the workplace. Commitment to keeping your information safe can’t be handed off to your IT Team. While they may be responsible for alerting management and initiating a cohesive response to a cyberattack, the bulldog guarding the front door is every member of your organization using the company’s computers and mobile devices to conduct business.

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Is your Wi-Fi network as safe as it could be?

87% of consumers put their information at risk while using public Wi-Fi. Source: 2017 Norton Wi-Fi Risk Report, Norton by Symantec, 2018

Protect your customers and your reputation

85% of organizations are the target of social engineering attacks, like phishing. Source: The Cost of Cybercrime, Accenture Security, 2019

We've got your back!

We know the information security space can be a little intimidating, but we’ve got your back. We offer no-judgement solutions to a wide range of cybersecurity challenges. Contact us for a custom quote. [Hyperlink]

Malware attacks can be very costly. Are you protected?

Malware attacks cost organizations an average of $3.4 million each year. Source: The Cost of Cybercrime, Accenture Security, 2019

The Internet is basically our best friend (or at least connects us to our BFFs)!

91% of Canadians aged 15+ use the Internet. Source: Canadian Internet Use Survey, Statistics Canada, 2019

Canadians spend over 40 billion hours a year online

73% of Canadians spend at least 3-4 hours online per day. Source: Canada’s Internet Factbook, Canadian Internet Registration Authority, 2019.