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Stress-free Information Security

SeekingFire makes the digital world a safer, more secure place where people, organizations, and communities thrive.

Ready to protect your data?

Security Assessment & Audits

A third-party audit of information security and privacy practices increases consumer confidence and provides early detection of potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Security Incident Response Plans

Prepare your team to detect, respond, and recover from a cyber-attack, reducing data loss and limiting reputation damage. Recover quickly and reduce disruptions to internal services, clients and customers.

Vulnerability Scans

Increase early detection with consistent scans of networks and IT services (both external and internal). Reports include our professional recommendations for remediation of any findings.

From small tech start-ups to large institutions, everyone deserves to be safe.

Cybersecurity for everyone

Cybersecurity is kind of like insurance; it can be dull, overwhelming, and no-one wants to think about planning for a crisis… We get it.

We won’t pretend that information security is a day on the beach. But we will do our best to make things easier, safer, and more secure for you and your customers.

SeekingFire Consulting is your remote Cyber Security Analyst and Chief Information Security Officer – AKA your digital bouncers, keeping bad guys out. We help protect your data and critical systems with proactive prevention plans that reduce the risk of critical threats and give you, and your customers, peace of mind. 

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Where do we begin?

SeekingFire Consulting offers a range of services for clients at all stages of growth and success. We’re here to keep you safe and put your mind at ease, whether you need scheduled vulnerability scanning or tailored information security and privacy management program based on ISO 27001.

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SeekingFire fights

Cybercrime in Canada

In 2017, 20% of small enterprises and 30% of medium enterprises in Canada experienced a cyber incident.

87% of enterprises did not have a written policy to manage or report cyber security incidents.*

*2018 Statistics Canada survey of Canadian enterprises

Ethical Hacking

Who better to test your system for vulnerabilities than a hacking expert? Our “white hat” hackers run penetration tests to find the flaws in your system before it’s too late.

Network Security Analysis

Printers, phones, servers, computers, software, and firewalls… If it’s connected, it’s at risk. SeekingFire will audit the configuration settings of your connected systems and provide security recommendations to keep your information safe. Learn more about Network Security Analysis.

Chief Information Security Officer

Skilled and experienced CISOs are hard to find and expensive to hire. Our team is available to provide the support of a Chief Information Security Officer as a service on a multi-year contract basis.

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SeekingFire Consulting

SeekingFire Consulting specializes in information security for growing businesses and organizations. We use our decades of experience in the sector to help clients protect data and critical systems with proactive prevention strategies. This managed approach reduces the risk of critical threats and offers increased peace of mind for your consumers.

When people feel safe, they are empowered to do their best work.

Tillman Hodgson (President)

(GCIA, ITBMC, LPIC, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor)

Tillman brings 24 years of enterprise IT experience focused on information security, and is certified as an IT Business Manager.

Career highlights include building security programs for customers ranging from an ISP, large equity fund company, a national IT service provider, energy utilities, and a provincial government, as well as many smaller projects.

Tillman focuses on implementing security programs and incident response practices.