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Find & Fix the Gaps Before Bad Guys Find Them!

Are your systems vulnerable? Let the SeekingFire Consulting team find out! With our vulnerability scans and ethical hacking skills, we seek and identify any weaknesses in your computer security infrastructure as we attempt to break into your systems. Our approach utilizes the Tenable Nessus testing tools and techniques common in the hacker community. We find and help remedy any problems before they can be exploited.

How do we do it?

Vulnerability Scans & Network Security Analysis

The objective of the scan is to determine if your current information security controls preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information (and the information of your clients) and computing resources on each asset we scan.

Our scanning and ethical hacking is performed under the direction of a Letter of Engagement that ensures that no production impact will occur. After the scan is complete, we provide a report listing any vulnerabilities discovered (sorted by high, medium, and low potential impact), further details on what the findings mean, and recommended remedial actions.

In our modern, interconnected world, this work is crucial for ensuring the ongoing health of your business or organization. We’re based in Western Canada and serve clients across the continent.

Find out more about some of our vulnerability scans below.

Wireless network penetration testing

Wireless connectivity is here to stay and is growing in popularity. Test your network security and identify potential flaws in your organization’s WiFi and wireless systems before it’s too late. Reports detail any vulnerabilities found, and include our professional recommendations for remediation of any findings.

Network security configuration analysis

Printers, phones, servers, computers, software, and firewalls… If it’s connected, it’s at risk. Seekingfire Consulting will audit the configuration settings of your connected systems, identifying vulnerabilities and providing recommendations for remediation. Early detection can save you the costs and stress of lost productivity and revenue caused by simple errors and oversight.

One-off basic Vulnerability Assessment scan

Affordably priced on a per-IP basis, these basic scans provide a report useful for organizations that have a secure environment and want a 3rd-party one-off verification of that security posture and infrastructure.

In-depth Vulnerability Assessment scans

Some organizations are starting to secure their computing infrastructure or have new computing infrastructure that they don’t have previous scans for.

For these situations, we offer a service where scans can be repeated up to 3 times, after which a final report is produced for you. As remediation efforts are underway between scans, SeekingFire is available via a conference call to discuss findings and answer questions. This approach is useful for clients who wish to achieve a final report with few unmitigated findings.

We can also perform more in-depth scans of the internal parts of your network, even using temporary user credentials, to get even more comprehensive results.

Periodic Vulnerability Assessment scans

Because new vulnerabilities are discovered all the time, and computing infrastructure and security configuration doesn’t always keep pace, we offer a discount for periodic scans as part of an annual contract. We’re committed to keeping our clients safe.

Sherborne Pao - EVP of Global Operations at Appnovation

“The service was professional, flexible and swift, and the outcomes were easy to action on. We would definitely consider using the services again in the future.”

Thom Killingsworth - Executive Director at the Kelowna Yacht Club

“The service was highly professional, detailed and thorough. The outcomes were easy for the management team to action on and communicate to all stakeholders. We would definitely consider using their services again in the future.”