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Remote Chief Information Security Officer at Your Service


If you’re looking for a Chief Information Security Officer, you’ve come to the right place! This is essentially a security management program as a service.

At SeekingFire Consulting Inc., we support tech startups and large institutions across Western Canada with their cyber security needs.

The knowledge you need to succeed

Expert data security as needed

Our CISO-as-a-service includes a diverse range of services, such as assisting with information security-related decision making at the governance level, security posture assessments and providing the support of a remote Chief Information Security Officer as a service.

If you need a data security professional to develop your information security program, manage, assess and audit it, our remote CISO service is for you.


Chief information security officer

Skilled and experienced CISOs are hard to find and expensive to hire. Our team is available to provide the support of a Chief Information Security Officer on a multi-year contract basis.

We take responsibility for building your security management program, perform ongoing auditing and vulnerability assessments, and coordinate the governance of security (reviewing the reports/assessments and actioning where necessary). We become your trusted expert, providing guidance to senior management on your security roadmap.

This offering is also known as “Security as a Service.”

Sherborne Pao - EVP of Global Operations at Appnovation

“The service was professional, flexible and swift, and the outcomes were easy to action on. We would definitely consider using the services again in the future.”

Thom Killingsworth - Executive Director at the Kelowna Yacht Club

“The service was highly professional, detailed and thorough. The outcomes were easy for the management team to action on and communicate to all stakeholders. We would definitely consider using their services again in the future.”