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Security Assessments & Audits

If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you’re in need of support with your information security, but perhaps you’re unsure of where to start. No problem! We totally get that. Click the button below to contact us, and we can work together to get to the bottom of your specific data security needs. Let’s chat!

Is it time for your data security check-up?

Let’s Assess the Health of Your IT Security Systems

We’re all familiar with the idea of visiting the doctor for an annual check-up, but when was the last time your company or organization had an IT security check-up? That’s where we come in…

We know it’s one of those things that is easy to put off. No judgement. That said, if it has been a while, the sooner you take the plunge, the better.

Everything that’s connected to the web is a potential security risk. If you’re like most, you’ve probably added more internet-connected devices to your network in recent years, from remote vendors and workers to smart speakers and printers. To put it another way, you’ve added more and more risk.

That’s ok. That’s our world and there’s no need to panic. However, we do recommend being vigilant about your information and data security. Our team has the skills and experience to identify and provide recommendations to resolve any gaps, issues or challenges in your current setup.

Best of all, we’re friendly and take a no-judgement approach so you can get peace of mind every step of the way.

Information security controls assessment

We perform a gap analysis style security assessment of the controls you already have in place against an external framework (such as the ISO 27002 controls framework guidance) using questionnaires, interviews with internal stakeholders, and documentation and artifacts that you provide.

A maturity assessment is provided along with a report detailing recommendations for how to improve your security posture. Our 3-year security roadmap helps our clients understand what to and when to do it.

Unlike an audit, the existence of controls will be confirmed, but the effectiveness of the controls will not be tested.

Information security & privacy management audit

Many organizations have compliance requirements due to new or changed legal and regulatory guidelines, or business opportunities that require confirmation that specified standards are met. An external information security audit may be required as assurance that your business is following applicable laws and meeting contractual obligations.

A security audit is an extensive and formal overview of your systems and processes. It is an in-depth review of not only physical attributes (networks, firewalls, hardware, etc.) but also other areas including policy and standard operating procedures. The controls in your security program are tested for effectiveness and correct operation.

IT management security assessments

With the objective of providing insight and tools to help manage your IT effectiveness and productivity alignment with your business goals, SeekingFire performs an assessment focused on the business of managing technology resources to help you build an IT strategy and vision, develop a roadmap, and improve the utilization of IT resources.

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